There is just nothing good about a Minnesota winter. Only the anticipation of spring keeps you going sometimes. The temperatures are supose to be 20 below zero tonight with 30-35 below wind chills. I can't even stand the thought of it being that cold.  Is there ever really getting ahead in your daily barn chores? I think not. While getting the feed into stalls this morning at 4 am I caught one of the barn cats useing a feed pan with grain in it as a LITTER BOX!!How gross is that? Now I have to be careful to not put out feed pans ahead of time in the stalls. Another set back...but manageable. I was able to get a couple of ads placed in local magazines for our horse clinic we are having in March.We are starting to get sign ups for that already, I'm excited. I don't care what the weather is outside that day, I just thank God for our coverall arena, it's the best thing any horse facility can have. So many uses, exercise, training, riding on bad weather days, anything to just be able to get your horse out and moving in the winter.

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    Thanks for visiting our website. My name is Mary Loch and I have had horses in my life for 33 years now. I have had the great pleasure of meeting many horse people from a huge variety of horse back grounds. From the first time horse rider to the highly skilled horse trainer. I have learned one thing from all of them. We all love our horses and the presence of horses in our lives. We all started with the love of the horse. Then some of us moved on to where we want to be, or hope to be, constantly changing directions, as we see new paths that we can challenge ourselves with. New obstacles  that we can try with our horse companions,  I hope this blog of ours touches you with some great horse stories and experiences and lets you become a part of our STABLE LIFE.



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