Welcome to our stable blog. I thought  starting a  log of our day to day stable life could brighten and hopefully enlighten a few people. My name is Mary Loch and my husband Dale and I own and run Broken Wheel Farms in Watkins Minnesota.

January 1, 2010

It's very cold outside which makes the daily routine of the stable just a little more difficult. When things are frozen they tend to not start, (tractors) run slow(the barn cleaner) or freeze up and not work at all (water hoses).  All which happened today our first day of the new year.

January 2nd

The horses are very frisky in the cold weather. I think it's funny how they roll in the snow with thier blankets on. The ones with no blankets are so beautiful and clean from rolling in the snow.  I think they run and buck to get the blood circulating along with just having fun.
Dick, one of our 2 rescue horses seems a little better each day. Last month when we picked him up his penis was hanging frozen solid underneath his starved body. We held little hope of saving him. He has put on a good amount of weight in the last 4 weeks and his swollen penis is shedding off the dead frozen skin and showing signs of healing. He has still be unable to fully retract the penis back into his body so no outside for him yet.

January 3rd

It was so beautiful this morning, but still so cold, 26 below zero according to our truck thermometer. The barn stays about 40 degrees warmer with all the horses in it at night. 5 horses are brought in each night and 15 are left out side all winter with small buildings to get out of the wind. 3 of the outside horses are brought in to be fed each morning and then let out afterwards. Triggvy, our icelancic stallion and Jet and nickers, two of our fresian sport horse yearlings get a breakfast to help them grow up to be the best that they can be. Triggvy had frost on his facial hairs and eye brows, that was so cool to see. He's such a beautiful stud, I can't wait to see his future off spring.
1/2/2011 11:13:02 am

Good physical conditions can never be bought with money.


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