What a beautiful and calming morning it was today. Lots of time to exercise and do some daily reflection on things are going.  Spring is so close, tomorrow we are suppose to hit a high of 35 degrees, a heat wave.  We are having the 3 Icy mares preg checked in hopes that Triggvy was a good date to someone.  One horse in the barn is real ouchy from a new farrier trying to get her heels growing out
Karen Heath
1/17/2010 07:13:09 am

Hey Mary, Love your website its very nice. Professional! We just came in from a sliding. Tessas first one. She was scared at first but now she wants to go " All by myself ". She's so cute looks like a little pick ball comming down the hill. We also went for a ride, Me on Kylee and Grace on Rox. What a great day! So warm. Both mares were a bit frisky who isent in this weather! When we got back Soren and Prince were head to toe sweat! Its good for them to excersise. Soren gets mad now if I dont ride him. He will go and stand by my saddle and when he sees me tacking up Kylee he roars around! What a big baby. We are a ment to be. Old souls reunited. Take care and we will talk soon! Expo is comming up Yeah!


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