When walking out to the barn I heard an aweful squealing and wailing of horse hooves on another body. I had to laugh when I reallized it was our 650 lb icelandic stallion Triggvy trying to get romantic with a 1600 lb percheron cross gelding. Evidently it was not too cold for romance, just the wrong sex.
OMG! It was so cold this morning at 4 A.M. doing chores. It is easy to forget these kind of days after it starts to warm up, but living them sucks!! When I opened the barn door to let the inside horses out thier breath froze and hung in the air like tooley fog, it was so cool. I need to remember to order feed soon. I just try not to have the feed delivery guys have to come when it is so cold, I must plan ahead. I sure miss the riders coming out, thank God the daylight is getting longer each day now.

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