INJURY!!  It never off the vet and someone gets hurt. While feeding one of the yearlings in a stall he attempted to leave by pushing the gate and getting his head stuck in the gate. In fighting to free himself he fell backwards onto a wooden divide and found a 1/4 inch nail sticking out of the wood panel. 14 inch cut in his butt cheek and 30 stitches later the vet left to go watch the vikings lose to the Saints. What a bummer. An emergency vet call on a Sunday and our team loses in overtime.
How long does it take to put 8 horse blankets on when it gets cold during the night? 45 long minutes. Each blanket gets a little harder to put on as your fingers get mroe frozen and refuse to bend. By the last blanket I was shaking and ready to give up. All is well and warm though for this next cold spell we are going into.
God I hate the Minnesota winter!!
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