What a beautiful morning to go to the barn. When does 27 degrees above zero feel warm? When it happens in mid Janusy in Minnesota. I was sweating doing the barn work this morning. I actually had to strip a layer of long underwear off . The rescue horse Dick with his frozen penis is so close to being totally recovered. I am so optomistic at his full recovery. At this point though he still can't have a day outside because he can'y fully retact his penis into his body and protect it from the cold. Tomorrow will be a busy day. We have 6 horses to get cleaned up and ready for thier sale pictures. It would be so much easier if they didn't have 4 inches of winter fur to brush out. Oh well, if we can sell them from a winter picture think about what they will look like all shedded out in the spring... GORGEOUS to say the very least. I don't look forward to the 6 hours of brushing ahead of us tomorrow. but I know it should give us some good results.

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