COLIC SCARE!!! We had one of the boarder horses come in acting really funny last night. A very large ex race horse that didn't wnt to eat!! That's always a sign of trouble. He came in fine just didn't dive into his feed like a big horses should. We watched him for awhile and he was lying down and getting up and pawing the floor.  We then took his grain away and gave him a shot of banamine. We called the vet but ended up not needing them  It was a long night going out to the barn every hour or so to see what was going on. First check he was laying down, second check he was up but no poop in the stall, third check he was up and eating hay, forth check...yup still dark outside.... finally a pile of poop. Never thought I'd be doing a happy dance for finding poop, but that is just what happened.  It was good. Horse people are definetly different from others. We like the smell of worn leather, horse hide and manure, it's as good as any scented candle and just as relaxing.

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