Had to ad a few truths in the horse world
1) How do you induce labor in a mare?
Go take a nap.
How do you cure equine constipation?
load the horse into a clean horse trailer.
How do you get a horse to wash his own feet?
Clean the water trough and fill with clean water.
How do youget a mare to come into heat?
Take her to a horse show.
How do you get a mare pregnant with only one encounter with the stallion?
Let the wrong stallion get loose.
How do you get the perfect foal with the markings and colors you've always dreamed of
Sell the mare before she foals
How do get a show horse to perform thier very best? Practice at night or when no one is around.
How do you induce a cold snap?
Body clip your horse.
How do you make it rain?
Mow your hay field.
Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!!
5/29/2012 11:50:41 pm

Great info, thx


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