Lost Horse alert!!
Last night while bringing in her 3 horses our resident trainer lost one to the night. They left with a car and a bucket of grain to find the adventurous horse and ended up coming back empty handed. Meanwhile back at the barn the tricky little steed had circled back and went and stood in the barn isle as if nothing had happened. The poor empty handed horse hunters returned wondering what they were going to do next and were happily reunited with the lost but now found horse.
Colic scare again. One of the boarders observed one of my horses laying and rolling in the early afternoon. We were very much on the alert wondering if a vet call was in order. I think in the end it all turned out to be a horse justenjoying the sun that has finally found it's way back to this side of the earth. I heard this morning that we have gained 106 minutes of daylight more since the December 21st winter soltice. Thank you lord for bring back the SUN.
It seems alot longer since I had written in this blog. I have been doing all my writing on my sisters caring bridge web site.
The horses are all loving the deep snow we have right now. Some of the mares are starting to come into heat cycles and are very active and aggressive. I watched one 20 yr old mare chase everyone in her pasture around for a good 15 minutes. They all ran, but really didn't know why. The foals from last year are so clueless as to why things happen. They just go with the flo and run with the heard. Got the stitches out of everyone in the barn that had stitches. Glad that's behind us. It has been hard keeping up with the snow in the yard. It has really piled up this year. Time to start getting the coverall cleaned up for the clinic in March. It's coming fast. There was a whole bunch of riders for lessons and practice on Sunday. Haven't seen the arena that full in a long time.

Monday... Monday... Remember that song?  It was a cold and sunny weekend. The die hard riders were all riding and jumping in the coverall yesterday. I couldn't even venture out to watch for awhile. Taxes, taxes... if I don't stay focused I'll be filing for another stupid extension. It's best to stay in and focused. I know they had fun, How couldn't you when there's nothing else to do. Time to get the stitches out of Nickers butt. I'll get one of my vet tech friends to help later this week. It's supose to get up to 25 degrees by thursday whoopee!! Some of the barn folks got to go to warmer climate this week. Must be rough!! I accidentaly threw out my entire collection of long underware this week. They were in a bag to go to the farm and ended up in the garbage!! Time to go shopping for more, I refuse to go garbage can digging...nope..nope..I just can't do it.

    Mary Loch

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